More Share, More Profit

In 1997, Mr. Chen, Chung-Le and Mr. Chen, Ya-Mo co-founded Mold Power Co. Our core-values are honesty, quality, expertise, and a better future together. We are devoted to the design and the manufacturing of hot runner systems and originated the brand “Mold Power”. Because of our superior product performance, our products have been adopted by quite a few domestic mold plants for appliances, food containers, cosmetics, automotive parts, medical supplies, electronic products etc.. We provide customers with complete products and technology sharing.

Sharing, Gains.

The father of MoldPower, Mr. Chen, Chung-Le has devoted himself to the design, production, and sale of hot runner systems since 1991. By virtue of his enthusiasm and passion for this industry, he has successfully led MoldPower to become an excellent enterprise. MoldPower's Vision:

Trust – Trust and honest are the very first priorities of MoldPower's Visions. This is also the reason why MoldPower became a reliable partner.

Quality – Quality talks. It's also a truth that quality defines product value.

Professionalism – while knowledge helps us stand out, professionalism helps us take the lead.

Sharing – The key to a fruitful future is to share knowledge with our customers, to share techniques with our partners, and to share the achievement with our employees.

Creativity, Pride.

MoldPower regards R&D and technical innovation crucial; our successful results speak for themselves:

• MPT temperature controller for multi-protection function
• Hot runner melt-rotate regulator technology
• TS-1 dual-purpose sequential controller